Audrey and the Magic Lamp

photo credit: slickclic

Well OK, my magic lamp doesn't look exactly like that but it certainly has some kind of genius inside that granted me a wish: to get rid of my seasonal depression. Now that winter seems to be over, at least around here, I can claim out loud that, al-hamdolillah, for the first time in my life I didn't suffer from depression during the last months. I had a hard time during Christmas Holidays but I know exactly why now: I went to the retreat center and didn't have my lamp with me for 5 days.

I was quite skeptical about light therapy. I thought it was for people with 'light' (without any play of word!) mood problems. In my case, I had severe depression problems during winter... Dark thoughts, physical and mental dysfunctions, suicidal ideas, etc. How could a lamp change that? Well, the lamp did it and I had to tell you about it, in case you, or someone you know is suffering from SAD. Depression could go. You just need to get a good lamp - and rub it. You don't even need to look for it in a cave full of treasuries. You can order it online or buy it in specialized stores - or even pharmacies.

My diet is probably helping, too, as the candida I'm fighting is supposed to create mood problems. By cutting the bad stuff that Mr. Mush likes to eat, I'm probably preventing him to create more irritability, agressiveness and mood swings. And I'm more an more convinced that sugar is a poison, so by avoiding to eat some, I think I'm doing a service to my body and my mental health.

It feels good to feel good.
And all praise is due to Allah.


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