They are wonderful

My sons.
Oh yes, there are moments (plenty) when they are driving me nuts.
But there are moments, most importantly, when they make me feel so proud to be a mom.

I'm volunteering at my 6 years old son school library on Mondays. This Monday he came in with his class. He's always shy to meet me at school, it's really cute! Just before the class left, he called me quietly and while checking around if no one was looking, he put his hand in his pocket and took out 2 small pieces of paper, and handed them to me, with a smile.

2 little drawings, full of hearts and flowers. On the back of one of them, he wrote 'Mommy I love you very very much' (with some mixed up letters at the end!). Isn't that sweeeeeet?

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treasurefield said...

What a treasure!
My boys used to write and draw little messages for me. I think I still have every one!