At war

Those of you who know me personnally are aware that I've been suffering from intestinal problems for over 12 years. Since then, I received different diagnosis, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. Still, any of those diagnosis seemed to be right, as I was not having all the symptoms and didn't need to take medication. It was just a permanent discomfort, accompanied by various and seemingly unrelated problems: chronic fatigue, rash, allergies, different food intolerances, depression, runny nose, fragile throat, unusual frequent need to go to the WC, articular and muscle pain, excessively dry skin, etc.

Well, can you believe I think I just found out a culpable? For all of these symptoms? Thanks to a dear friend of mine (merci Marie, je ne te le dirai jamais assez!), Candida Albicans is now unmasked. She sent me a bunch of articles and links about Candida and I immediately realized my health problems were almost certainly related to it. This nice fungus present in every human body has taken over my own and my only hope to gain it back and regain health is to fight. To kill the unwanted guy, I need to starve it to death. It's not going to be easy: Candida likes sugar, gluten, yeast, processed food, dairies, cereals, fruits... Well, all the food I love, too.

But I don't mind. I'm at war. I'll have to eat rice cakes and salad for a while but it is worth it. If I can stop suffering, then I don't mind. Just to think about living a pain-less life is giving me all the motivation I need to fight.

Minimalism will spread over to my diet, too...

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LilithEvy said...

bonne chance dans cette guerre auquelle j'aurais également de la difficulté à combattre (hum.. sucre... hum... produit laitier...).

Lâche-pas... c'est pour une bonne cause!