Word of the Week: Privation

Privation: a. Lack of the basic necessities or comforts of life. b. The condition resulting from such lack.

Is sugar a basic neccesity? What about pineapple? Bread? Can we say that coffee is a comfort of life? No, no, no and no? Than why am I suffering, why do I have this feeling of privation if non of the above is a 'basic necessity of life?' Shouldn't the definition include the dimension of lack of something we got so used to that it feels like a privation to do without it? God, I feel like I'm being deprived of some kind of drug.

Why do I perceive privation as being so negative? Isn't there a positive dimension to privation?

I made the exercice of writing down what privation means to me. Here is what came to my mind.

Envy, lack of
Solitude, incomprehension
No pleasure
Health, Vitality

Yes, in the end, health, maybe. Most probably. It's not a privation that will kill me. And I don't need others to approve my decision. My body doesn't miss anything even if I have this feeling of lacking something. It's a privation of senses, not a vital one. It's an habit, a step to take. I have not a lot to loose and a lot to gain.

Health. Vitality.
I have to make sens of this hard period of privation.


Anonymous said...

oh oh, je comprends bien !!!

le sucre par son assimilation rapide apporte effectivement euphorie et autres sensations. On en devient effectivement très vite dépendant, y compris au niveau fatigue physique.
Il te faut absolument penser a prendre des proteines, ou equivalents pour que ton corps retrouve un equilibre sur un fonctionnement a base lipidique et non glycemique. C'est une pèriode à passer, un coup à prendre, et effectivement après ça te semblera tellement une évidence.
C'est nous qui continuons avec nos sucres raffines et autres qui en feront a terme les frais, si Dieu ne nous preserve.
Il nous faut reapprendre a nourrir nos corps, et non a les conciderer comme des poubelles qui nous permettraient de satisfaire nos interets gustatifs seuls...

Allah ma'ak

Anonymous said...

j'avais juste oublie, les equivalent proteines :

manger dans une meme journee 2 des 3 produits suivants

des noix
des legumineuses
des cereales (sans gluten dans ton cas à toi)