Aaaaah. You know the feeling. The one you get when you finish cleaning up and everything is in its place. Didn't think I would feel the same by cleaning up my email inbox!

And I'm not talking about just deleting messages and emptying the trash. I'm talking about serious unsubscription campaign! I think I put up to 30 names on my blocked ID list (you know those people/institutions that send mass emails and don't give any unsubscription options? Even if you write personnnally to them?). I also unsubscibe myself from, I would say about 20 newsletters and other mailing list. I never realized I was getting so much stuff, because on a daily basis I get like 1 or 2 junk mails. But when I went through my trash bin (with Mac Mail I was able to see all the trash of the last month), I was chocked! And for most of them, I never asked to get the newsletter and the like.

So now... feels fresh and clean and light and I expect incoming messages will be wanted. Until more institutions track me down!

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ton amie fran├žaise said...

tres bonne idee, il faut que je fasse de meme. ma boite est une horreur de messages non lus...