Word of the week: Sickness

No wonder why I was so tired. My body was annoucing the arrival of an infection in my throat. Very painful.

Sickness: a harmful deviation from the normal structural or functional state of an organism.

Being sick is the way our body talks to us, we know that. But do we really take time to listen what he is saying? I was not functional for a couple of days and complained to a friend that I was doing nothing since... two days. She said to me 'Two days? So what is the problem? You're sick! You need to rest!" Resting for me means, most of the time, laziness. Doing nothing and being really 'off' for more than one or two hours make me feel useless and guilty. My body is talking to me but... what? What are you saying? Don't hear you very well!

Sickness should mean nothing else than sickness. Being sick is a full time activity in itself. Not only I have the right to rest but in a sense I have the obligation to. Let me say that again, in case I didn't make myslef clear to myself: Not only I have the right to rest but I have the obligation to.

I might need a fine or a speed ticket...

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Anonymous said...

allahou chafik.
prend le temps de te reposer, et surtout effectivement autorise toi à le faire. Certes notre corps a des droits sur nous, et au besoin il nous le rappel.

bon repos.

une amie française (lol)