It was time for a treat. All my money is spent on my car and debts lately and I decided to cheat and indulge myself.

A friend who knows how much I love tea told me about this new place called David's Tea. I went crazy this morning when I saw the huge selection of tea they have! I finally picked Toasted Walnut (De-li-cious!), Orange Julep and Roiboos de Provence (with lavender and rosehip!).

If you're a fanatic like me and don't live around, you can even order online.

Now the only thing missing is a good friend to share a cup or two.

A Czech friend would be particularly nice.

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Titania yng Nghymru said...

lovely pictures of tea. im also a real tea freak. try teavana online shop from the usa. great teas and large selection plus great tea accessories :)
my bf brought me some teavana stuff from kansas :P