Journal Diali*

Never had a chance to show photos of my altered journal as promised. I started it some time ago, using an old encyclopedic book. I'm painting inner pages and writing/drawing over the old stuff, adding images, photos, stickers, etc.

I wish I could play with it more, and more often but it's a lot of work to make just one page look nice (ever told you I'm such a perfectionnist?)...

Here are some photos anyway. I really like the cover collage (first photo) and the bookmark (see last one).

*Diali means mine in Darija (Moroccan Arabic).


Titania yng Nghymru said...

A W S O M E !!!

are u using the alcohol inks maybe?

zamzam design said...

I used a kinds of stuff (paint pen, glass paint, ink pads and stamps, acrylic, etc.) but no alcohol inks. Something I don't have, lol!

treasurefield said...

It looks fantastic!!
My first blog was about my altered book journaling. Isn't it so much more fun (and "free") than scrapbooking? Horse of a different color, I guess.
I even caved and bought the last Somerset Studio's Art Journaling magazine.
Like you, I wish I could spend more time at it. I also suffer from the perfectionist thing.
Oh, well. It's fun looking at yours!