So you're also leaving...

My friend Lamia told me today she'll probably leave for Toronto next month. They already found an apartment. I cannot believe it. She's leaving, too. Since like, one year, so many friends left Montreal. It's almost incredible. And when I say friends, I mean Friends. Not just people I know, met once, merely spoke too, etc. Friends. Some of them very dear friends. Lamia is one of them...

Emanuelle went to Toronto.
Muna went to Ottawa.
Fatima left for Algeria.
Audrey went back to France.
Marie too.
Yasmina returned to Morocco.
Yasmine returned to Jordan.
Samia returned to Syria.
Khadija just left for Toronto.
Linda secretly left for Jordan. She wrote to tell us she was gone. Definitely.
Nadia is going to Qatar.
Last but not least, my very best friend and sister Veronika returned to Czech Republic (still cannot recover from her departure).

I'm getting so affected, I even dreamed that my friend and neighbor Stephanie was moving somewhere in our town but far from me.

Every month or so, I get the news. "You know, I'm going to leave for xxx in 3 months" "we're finally going to yyy" "I'm going back to zzz".

So, who's next? Or should I say "is there still anybody out there?"...

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Staceydotdot said...

Hey Audrey

I wondered if you were Muslim, with the name zamzam design. MashAllah! Anyhoo I know how you feel about people leaving! Im in Dubai and people leave all the time to go onto different places or they return home! Its hard to keep friends close by!But hey there are always new people coming in too! :)