Enchanted Land of Pink Urchins and Orange Mushys

First I found this photo. Love.

But then I found another one. Love. Love.

So I decided to have a look at the complete photo collection of Machel Spence. Oh. My. Goodness. All those mushrooms, and insects and birds and flowers photos... I felt like a tiny creature travelling in a magical forest full of fungi smells and sparkling lights. Machel's photos are like images of an enchanted land, where you can rest under an umbrella-mushroom or ride on the back of a woolly moth.

A great thing about Machel's amazing photos is they are affordable.
I need to get at least some of them to put next to the beachcombing photos !

Meanwhile, you can come with me for a walk, we could jump on top of an orange mushroom with a baby mantis...

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