Found some time

Fifteen minutes here, one hour there, a baby on my lap or on my back, I was able to make, to create, to do things I wanted to do for a while. A lot of upcycling, I bought only the frame ($1) and the white and black board paper rolls ($2 each).

A mosaic frame made from sea glass

A kitchen rug made from puzzle-like foam squares (you know, the ones everyone has in the kids room?)

A flower brooch made from an old t-shirt.

 A "family information center" - calendar and note board (made from white board paper), menu board (made from black board paper), magnetic board (cut some metal sheet and covered it with scrap paper) and pen holder .

Oh, and I found a lot of inspiration on Pinterest.

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JenMun(a) said...

I like the family planner;) but everything is beautiful!