Something New in the Garden

As you probably know, Zamzam is not just about graphic design. When I started with ZD back in 2002, it was only about design, but with time, I started selling my artwork and jewelry on Etsy and elsewhere.

I've been told lately that it's a bit confusing and some clients looking for my portfolio on the net end up in my shop so I knew it was time to do something about it. And surprise, Etsy announced earlier this month that we now had the option to change our shop name. Great coincidence! I didn't loose time friends, and Zamzam Creations was born. Zamzam Design will now be used exclusively for me design work and the rest will go under ZC. I already ordered 2 different sets of business cards and working hard on my website so it can be online in the next few weeks.

Nothing changes for my beloved customers, it will just be easier for everyone. And I feel very good about this addition to my Zamzam garden!

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best of luck for everything
Love your blog

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