We make fake, too.

We borrowed a book at the library, a very fun, colorful book, showing how to make 'pretend' cakes, candies, pastries, etc. with clay or play dough.

We made our own salt dough (it's so easy!) and divided it in 3 parts : one for mommy and one for each of the boys. Everyone had fun choosing what to do and creating sweets and candies. We baked them for a couple of hours, finish drying them during the night and painted them the day after. Everything looks yummy and the guys were very proud of them. I have to admit I really enjoyed it, too!


Anonymous said...

it looks great!sounds like you have a lot of fun and a productive day! i love to be creative with children and I will definitely try it once.
I send you warm greetings from Germany and a lot of power for your illness...

A silent reader who especially loves your colored stones!


Zamzam Design said...

Thanks for your *first* comment, don't hesitate to do it more often, I love to hear from my readers :). I'd love to follow your blog too, unfortunately I don't read german yet !!



Anonymous said...

me too;)you are welcome, i started blogging in English, but my English isn´t really perfect..so i felt a bit insecure but i will try it again more often inschaAllah