Lemon Meringue Pie: Success

I felt like eating lemon pie for weeks. Not the one from the shop or anything not homemade. But who would bake one for me? Well, me, it seems. I thought it was somehow complicated to make but after days of hesitation and a growing craving for the thing, I mustered up all my courage and just did it. And to my surprise, it was so simple!

Here's the recipe I followed. For the shell I used already made store bought pastry dough, which I just happened to have in the fridge (I use it for quiches and pâtés). The meringue was thick yet fluffy. The filling was sweet and tart, just perfect. Good, good, good!! The only problem with things that good is that they disappear very quickly. Especially when you are pregnant and were dreaming about them for weeks.


Anonymous said...

oh oh, c'est une de mes patisserie preferee (avec mille feuilles).
le tien a l'air tres bon et avec une belle couche de meringue, bien epaisse et moelleuse a souhait...
un petit plaisir sans gluten qui plus est...et tant pis pour le sucre. bebe aussi a du aprecier.
mashaAllah continue a prendre soin de toi en t'accordant du temps et des occasions "no stress".

assalamou aleykoum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh


Vero said...

Well, in sha Allah I definitely want to try that - I mean from your hands. :D