Creative Mood

Since I left hospital, in November, I barely entered my workshop. I was not in the mood, and because my mother in law was here for 2 months, I felt kinda guilty to disappear for hours to paint or sew while she was cleaning the house...

Since a few days, however, I have a rush of inspiration and creativity and just cannot stop cutting, glueing, painting, sewing, crocheting... I feel so... alive! When I'm doing something creative with my hands, I'm breathing again. I'm feeling light, happy, peaceful. While painting today, I had that (annoying) song in my head, coming from nowhere and it made me smile when I actually realized what it was saying : "right here, right now, there is no other place I wanna be..."

Now I just want to profit from the few weeks left before baby comes to keep on cutting, glueing, painting, sewing, crocheting!

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