I came back from my trip in Gaspésie with a huge basket of beach treasuries. Sand, stones, stars, urchins, wood, sea glass, weeds, feathers, shells... I sorted them and filled nice glass jars with them. Some stones will be used to make new magnets. I'll probably use sea glass to make a new line of jewelry. Also want to try some kind of glass window frames. Sea wood will be used as canvases. The rest of my treasuries were made into small beaches. I put them all over the house! I made some in glass plates, wine cups, wooden bowls... I also use some nice pieces of wood to display special finds.

Every time I pass by them, it reminds me of my dream...


Anonymous said...

Accroche-toi bien a ce rêve, il existe, tu peux lui toucher

je t'aime

Amé xxxx

Linda J said...

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jeweledrabbit said...

That's a nice load of loot you picked up on vacation.

Titania said...

Lovely stuff, i always bring something with me when i go to the seaside :) i like picking pebbles and seashells, yours are lovely.
just cant wait to see some more of ur new stones :)

FoundProdigalDaughter said...

Love love love your beach treasure finds! And the way you have them displayed in the second picture just makes me melt. Gorgeous. Just be warned, if you haven't noticed already, sometime some of the sea things (like the sea urchins and starfish) can start to really smell after a bit. But that aside they really are fabulous.