I fell in love

I travelled before. To far away lands and magical places. So many times before, my breath was taken away. I saw beaches of white sand and Windex water. I've been to islands of paradise with lush vegetation.  Still, I never felt like staying there forever. Crowd, heat, noise, there was always something to remind me that perfection is not of this world. Love was fading away with time.

My love story with this part of the world (which is, surprisingly, in my own country) is different. Mont-Louis is not the most beautiful place I've seen. It's windy, sometimes cold. But I never felt like this before anywhere on Earth. I went to the top of wild mountains. I picked stones for hours on different shores. I met wonderful people. I ate fresh fish and field strawberries. I drank my coffee with maple syrup everyday. I watched the sun go down in pink and purple skies. I saw trillions of stars, shooting and shining ones. I woke up at the base of misty mountains. I felt my heart beat. I lived. Simply, in another world, without tv, without computer, without money, without the superfluous. Time stopped. Stress stopped. Heart opened. Soul lifted.

I cried all the way back. My life will never be the same. I lived life. As, I know now, I always wanted to live. A small house, by the sea, a workshop, a garden. Mountains, ocean, wind. Inner peace. 

I have a dream.

One day, I'll reach it. Incha'Allah.

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