Running around in circles

Photo credit: Juliana S.

Maybe you are. Wondering. Why I don't list new stuff. Why I don't Twit, Book, blog as I used too. Maybe not.

But during all this time, I was. Wondering. Again. And I'm still. But if I'm here to talk about it today, it's because I'm less and less wondering. I asked. I receieved. Some answers were really hard to take and to swallow. I had to experience human meanness, to go through my own emotive roller coaster again, to face it. It is not worth it. I know, you remember. I said it before. Sometimes it takes time. To understand. To really understand. To stop fantasizing about something that is just not realistic, possible, or I don't know what.

But I'm getting tired. I'm getting fed up. Running around in circles. Wasting energy, time, sanity, money on the way. I think that is enough.

Not sure how/when I'll end this exactly. The mass-production of hijab pins and painted glasses. Etsy. The hope of making billions with painted pebbles transformed into magnets. But I know it is coming.

Now... now... I feel something new inside. Possibilities. Freedom. I see a door in front of me. Leaving. But entering.

I'll let you know what's on the other side.