Unexpected Farewell

Holidays are over. But I'm not coming back. My virtual life, at least as I lived it in the last months, is about to end. 

I don't want a life like this. Chained to a business that is so not worth it. Chained to all that it implies of virtual social obligations, that seemed fun in the beginning but so time, money and energy consuming!

No, I don't want a life like this. I love what I do, and I'm not going to waste my whole life trying to sell, show, interest and bug people about it. To make $30 a month when it costs me way much to keep my Etsy shop alive and advertize for it. 

Taking that decision is making me feel so free. I have different priorities now. My deen. My family. Myself. My heart. 

Farewell, virtual friends. I have something else to do.


Lisa said...

I can so relate. Good luck to you! :)

FutureMariée said...

ITt'S probably the best decision...but I'm really gonna miss your blog and your work!

leptitpapillon said...

What a pity!! we will miss you.
I wish you good luck for this New Year and your new life.
and I thank you for your enthusiasm for my creations


Hajar said...

I hear you loud and clear. Will most definitely miss your beautiful works. May you achieve the best in your future endeavors!

Hafsa said...

so sorry to hear that. i'll miss you

Staceydotdot said...

Im so sad to read your last blog post, but I can TOTALLY relate to it! I too was in vacation mode and it made me realise that my little "hobby" wasnt fun anymore and the demands of orders etc were taking up so so so much of my family time......so I have cut down on everything. I do what I want when I want now. No deadlines, no pressure! Good for you! Ill miss your little blog! x