Unexpected Return

I think it's the writing part. Or maybe the sharing. The pleasure of presenting glimpses of my  creations, of my thoughts. It makes me feel alive. Gives me a sense of purpose.

My Etsy shop is like a ghost town. Shadows of visitors here and there, listings buried by thousands of other fresh items... The spirit of it is gone, as I don't have the courage the keep up the oh-so-hard-and-exhausting-and-not-rewarding work. I look at all my creations and wonder what I will do with them. Waste. I like everything so much. It feels like a waste. Of time, of energy, of talent. Not ashamed to admit I have some. Now I just don't know. How you stop the flow of ideas, of desire to make more. And don't tell me I can do it for fun or something like that. I cannot stand to accumulate stuff I make. As much as I need a purpose in life, I need my creations to have a purpose, too. And not just to 'be'. 

Still don't know if I'm going to keep on talking about the same kinda stuff I used to talk about. Still don't know where I'm heading to. But one thing I'm sure of, I'm happy to be back. For more, for better.

Stay tuned. And I'm talking to myself first.

1 comment:

jeweledrabbit said...

You most definitely do have a lot of talent. :o)

Etsy's a waste of time as far as I'm concerned. With all the venues for handmade goodies out there now there's no need to sit at Etsy watching your items languish in obscurity.