Out of order

Zamzam is officially in Vacation Mode!! I'll be unreachable and uncomputable until January 5. Don't expect any blog posts, new items or tweets, as I might declare many No Computer Days during that period of time (I usually call a NCD on Sundays but every day will be like Sunday for 2 weeks!).

On my to-do list for the next 15 days:
- Relax
- Sip some Mocha Mate from Tea Noir
- Go ice-skating with kids
- Go hill-sliding with kids
- Do many things with kids
- Do nothing with kids
- Enjoy my 4 days trip by myself to Toronto (attending the Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention, yippee!)
- Rejoice over some very good news I heard from Czech today
- Visit my family
- Visit my friend Amélie
- Think about Etsy not
- Think about Zamzam not

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