A question of taste

I designed a press kit for my brother's quintet. I was so excited with the first proposition I created... He wasn't. Not representative, too 80's (?) ... So I had to make something much more 'sober' and classical. The result is not bad, but I loved the first one so much (and it took me hours to make!!!). 

A question of taste, he said. Of course.


Hajar said...

You've created some beautiful masterpieces. ^^ Both are really good, though I'm more inclined on the 2nd one. And yes, it's a matter of taste. :)

Little Gray Pixel said...

I prefer the first one, myself. What effects did you use to make the instruments look that way? I feel inspired to try something similar. :-)

Zamzam Design said...

I used a normal photo, filter 'find edges' in PSD, then I put the photo in grayscale, inverted the black to white, selected the parts I wanted and colored them in a selected color. A bit long but very interestung result! Let me know if you try it, I would like to see ;)!

Set Carré said...

Très originale et punchée la première! J'aime.
Veux-tu jouer à la tag avec moi?