Don't try this at home!

I created a brand new collection of pendants and earrings for winter and wanted to give my photos a wintery look. Nothing better than snow for that! 

Well, maybe not the best idea, finally. I froze my fingers, lost one earring in 3 feet of snow and had to put my hand inside to find it back... My camera was foggy, the wind was covering my stuff with snow... Very wintery!

For now, I didn't touch up the photos (they are a bit dark) and I feel like taking more (still!) but I was wondering if it is worth it. Should I use them for the shop? What do you think of the whole concept of jewelry in the snow? 


Set Carré said...

J'aime le concept! Mais mets donc des gants la prochaine fois!! lol! J'aime les petite goutelettes qui se sont formées sur les feuilles.

Un flash : il y a peut-être quelque chose à faire avec des cubes de glace. Je vois dans ma tête une petite montagne de cubes avec les boucles accrochées dessus. Ça aurait l'avantage de pouvoir se faire à l'intérieur et de te permettre de prendre des photos de plusieurs angles intérssants. Mais ce serait plus joli avec des cubes vraiment carrés.

Set Carré said...

Wow! J'ai vu tes listings, elles sont super belles tes photos!

V. Morsse said...

I think it looks great, but the frozen fingers definitely complicate the process!

Nikki said...

I think they look awesome! Love your work and your photos. : ) Maa shaa' Allaah.