I tried... making my own lightbox

This week, I tried to make something veeeeery useful and veeeery easy: a photo lightbox. I used a tutorial found on a blog called Strobist. The author says it costs $10 but I had almost all the materials already, just had to buy some satin-like fabric to cover three sides of the box - found one perfect piece in a thrift shop for $1.99. The result is really satisfying. I think I'm going to give a cleaner look to my shop and change my photos. I'm a bit fed up with the treasure map paper I use as background!

I had fun this morning trying to take photos of random things. That lightbox is definitely going to make things easier. I will just need to adjust them a bit but photos look so much better! Don't you think?


Kreativlink said...

Works perfect! Great pictures :)

jeweledrabbit said...

The pics look great.

David said...

My work here is done.

David Hobby

Set Carré said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Belles photos. Je me disais justement cette semaine que je devrais me faire une lightbox. La lumière est moche en novembre ici, right?