Letter to Self

Photo: Siebe

Dear Audrey,

I hope you're doing fine. It would be nice to hear from you sometimes. But it seems you're very busy with 'important' stuff. Your design contracts. Your Etsy shop. All those sites you need to visit a trazillion times a day. Have you noticed how much time you spend in front of the computer, daily? Are you sure you cannot be more than 2 hours without going through Flickr and Twitter? Emails, stats, forums, groups, blogs... have you ever reflected upon the purpose of doing all that? Just wondering, 'cause I have to say, I feel left out.

I remember a time when once you used to care for me. That was before Etsy. Now everything has changed. You're treating me like I'm your last concern. Well, I just wanted to remind you that I still exist and I would need you to take more time for me. And don't tell me you have to do what you do. I know, I know. You think all your efforts will bring you more visibility, more sales, bla, bla, bla. I heard that before. But honestly, I didn't see any change in the last weeks, even if you're spending more and more time in front of the puter. 

I don't want to be harsh but I think you're wasting your time. And time is precious my dear. Time is precious. And I deserve more. For all I've done for you. I deserve much more. 

I know you're probably not going to listen to me, but thanks anyway for reading this. Maybe next time you feel like spending one more hour adding favorites on Etsy or refreshing your Twitter page every 3 minutes, you could  have a thought for me. Me, who's longing to spend just a little time with you.

Your beloved


Set Carré said...

J'aurais pu écrire ça moi-même :/

jeweledrabbit said...

It is very easy to get carried away with all this online stuff when you sell online. That's one reason why getting out to the gym is even more important for me now.

I do agree that Audrey needs to make a bit more time for Audrey.