The art of pricing

Guys, if you're creating stuff and are wondering how to price your goods, then you HAVE TO download the spreadsheet of Chris Parry. First you should really read this forum thread about the right way to price your work. Then you can use the very easy-to-follow-along Excel spreadsheet.

As for me, I realized that profit doesn't mean only what is above supplies. I'm going to make serious price adjustments. After all, I'm not running a sweat shop!

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TeriB said...

Hi, I really like your blog---it was a link from another site discussing pricing our work! I recently had written a blog article entitled "Are You Really Including ALL Your Costs". It lists some hidden time and expenses that are easy for us to overlook when determining an hourly rate and/or figuring our true costs. Some of these are things that we can't always pass on to customers, but others are things we need to consider when pricing our work. I like this spreadsheet and will look at it more closely this weekend to see how to use it. Thanks for posting this....if you want to read my article: http://www.sandtcreations.com/wordpress
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