I tried... "Where is that 'Q' I've been saving?"

I'm subcontracting for a design company in Ontario since April and they agreed to pay for some books I wanted to order. I was able to get 4 new design books for free ! So I received them today : Maximum Page Design (a lot of photos and examples of great designs), Color: Messages and Meanings (a very useful Pantone book), The Word It Book (a gallery of interpreted words presented by Speak Up ) and Caffeine for the Creative Mind (my favorite!). That last book has 250 exercices to 'wake up your brain'. I flipped through it this morning and it looks very interesting.

The challenge proposed by the authors is to take one exercice a day - as a daily creative maintenance. So for my weekly 'I tried' article, I decided to do my first, titled "Where is that 'Q' I've been saving?". I had to take a picture of each letter of the alphabet using things ONLY in my current space. Each letter had to be from a different object. That was fuuuun!


Catherinette Rings said...

TAG, you're it!
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FutureMariƩe said...

Trop cool!! Love how you did the letter X, I wouldn't have thought of it ;)