Creative Night Out

For my 38th birthday, I gave myself a special present: a creativity workshop with Manon Lavoie from M comme Muses. I've been following M for a while on the net and love the way Manon approaches creativity - one small step at a time.

Finally, yesterday was the day I have been waiting for a while. I sat around a table with 8 other women, for a night, to reconnect with my inner self and use that space and time to listen, write and create.

I loved how everyone is at the same time different but share the same desire to create, to reconnect, to follow their intuition, their dreams. And with simple questions and exercices, Manon was able to help us start the journey back to our authentic selves.

Of course, three hours is not enough, but the spark lit the fuse. I promised myself I'll take a little time everyday to doodle, scribble, paint, write or just take a picture, to make sure I stay on the path of creativity - and keep in touch with my inner core.

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Anonymous said...

assalamu aleykum

comme tu as raison de prendre du temps pour toi...

toujours fidèle au poste !

Marie Imane xx