Sorry for the delay

O. M. G. !
It's been over 6 months? Already?
I kinda knew I was postponing for a long time but I cannot believe it took me so long to come back here.

BUT! I had some very good reasons to be too busy to write.

Doubled the size of my house by adding a second floor. 

Completely changed my kitchen

Changed my living room into a hall/stairway (and my bedroom into a living room)

And started a new health and wellness business.

Let's not forget that I still do graphic design, crochet, paint, make jewellry - and take care of three handsome-full-of-life-little-boys...

So... do you forgive me ;) ? I promise I won't leave for that long again, anymore.

What about you? What have you been up to since July?

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