Spring of Creativity

I felt a sudden burst of ideas lately, a rush of desire for creating and expressing myself through art - with the blossoming of the flowers, the chants of the birds and the warm breeze playing in my curtains, my creativity woke up from its long winter hibernation.

I bought an art journal where I draw, paint and paste almost everyday now. I feel that the time spent dedicated to my creativity is helping me to create a truer, more whole version of myself.

It's the Spring of my creativity. The Spring of my most authentic me.


lynsey said...

Gorgeosu pages

Marie said...

ma sha allah !

Maryam said...

Mashallah it all looks really beautiful!
love the idea of an art journal,they are just so nice to look at!

Sketched Soul said...

These are SO pretty, tabarak'Allah... love your style!