Painting with intuition

After reading Flora Bowley's book "Brave Intuitive Painting" in less than 2 days, I jumped on my painting material and decided to follow my intuition instead of my "already-made-idea", like I usually do.

The result is quite stunning. Not that the paintings in themselves are exceptional but when you think that I started from a blank canvas, with absolutely no idea in mind, and that I ended up with bright, colorful paintings that actually represent something, I think it's amazing.

I used my hands. A lot. Like both hands, full of paint. I also sprayed a lot of water, making a mess in my workshop. I used bubble wrap. Lids. Erasers. Stamps. Oh, and sometimes, a brush. Layer after layer, something eventually emerged.

I cannot describe the feelings it gave me. I felt just... so good. So me. In touch with my inner self, with everything that I am, the part people know, the part I never show... At some moments in the process, I felt I was laying a part of me directly on the canvas.

This way of approaching painting is very different from everything I used to do. But I'm now addicted to it and my paintings might have a totally new look in the future... 


Fruitful Fusion said...

I absolutely LOVE it and can't wait to see more!!!

Anonymous said...

mashaallah, je suis fan, les couleurs sont splendides, et on sent que c'est moins pensé. ca parle aux tripes, continues dans ce sens c'est vraiment remarquable !



Martha said...

Your paintings are gorgeous, different layers and various textures will only add some personal and unique touch