Souvenir of Mexico

Travelling somewhere there's a beach, a lake, a river? Wanna bring me back a souvenir and make me reaaaaally happy? Just fill out your pockets with whatever stone, seaglass or shell you find and take them back to me! My mom, who travels at least twice a year, usually to some place involving a beach, uses to bring me back a little bag of sea treasures. I love when she does that, because most of the things I get from her I cannot find around here or I've never seen before. Like those perfect white rocks from Spain...

My friend Catherine also knows my love for apparently valueless beach finds so she offered me a handful of amazing-never-seen-before things from Mexico. She found a desert beach full of these little marvels but unfortunately she had nothing to bring them back so she took what she could with her - and my, how I love them!

There are pieces of turquoise opaque glass - I have no idea from what -, orange coral, purple pieces of shells, aqua seaglass... A feast for my eyes.

So if you're going somewhere and want to bring me back something, now you know how to make my day.

Thanks Cath!

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