I'm stone

I cannot stop. This is really what I enjoy the most. Painting stones. 

I love them. I love to manipulate them, to choose them, to hold them. I love the fact that they come from the sea, that they are filled with the vitality of the ocean, the heat of the sun, the strength of the wind. There's a warmth, an energy bursting from each pebble that I work with. I feel they are alive in some way. I relate to them. Yes, I'm stone. In a sense.


P'tites mimines said...

salem alayki
je suis scotchée devan tant de talent bravo bravo bravo je te met dans mes favoris de suite

bbises ps: voici l'adresse de mon blog j'organise un p'ti jeu si tu est interessé



These are wonderful!!! I love what you do :0)

Zamzam Design said...

thanks to both of you, I really enjoy reading comments like these, they are my motivation to keep up creating and writing about it!