It's a hate-love relationship

I've never been a big fan of winter but I have to admit it can be beautiful here during those cold months.

Everything is different: sounds, light, air... Walking outside when snow is lightly falling makes me feel so calm and peaceful! Breathing the cold and crisp air re-energizes me and I feel much better when I come back home.

Being positive about winter helps me to go through it a bit more easily. I used to say that I profoundly hate it, but I think one day I could be able to say" Winter, I love you!"

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Anonymous said...

oh lala, moi non plus je n'aimais pas vbeaucoup le froid...et maintenant l'hiver quebecois me manque...chaque chose a ses deux facettes non ?
en tous cas tes photos mon fait plaisir !
repense a un hiver en UK, et tu trouvera ca pas si mal ???