Focus: Branding

Ok, I'm done with the inconsistent labelling, arty-crafty packaging, weak and valueless branding.

I'm taking this business more and more seriously and I have work to do in order to make things right. I read a lot lately about business plans (and why you need one) and that is definitely something I should've done earlier. Same goes for branding.

First thing first, I finally defined my niche! After asking the question "what would you love to do for the next 20 years?", I decided to concentrate on everything seaglass and beach pebbles from now on - reason why I added the tagline "treasures of the sea" to my logo. My new colors for ZC will be grey and turquoise, colors of the ocean. I'll be working on my packaging next as I was doing a lot of improvisation since I started to sell online. I really need consistency! I also ordered 2 different rubber stamps to make tags and business cards, so no more handwritten, home-printed stuff.

As much as I hate to do paper work, this business plan has to be done and you know what, I'm going to do it!

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