I went to a Walima (wedding party) last week. We were about 80 women to celebrate. The (moroccan) food was absolutely delicious, the munchidat (group of singing women) were excellent, everything was great! 

I was the official photographer, a great honor I was given! The bride was beautiful, and unfortunately I cannot show picture of her because she is muslim and wears hijab... So here's a couple of photos that can be shown :).


utah lodging said...

So elite. It looks absolutely expensive.

Zamzam Design said...

I actually know how much this wedding costed and you would fall off your chair if you knew how cheap that was. The dresses were rented, friends cooked the meal, even the groom's ring was borrowed, because he knew he was not going to wear one so he didn't want to buy it. I took the photos because they didn't want to hire a professional costly photographer.

It was a collective effort and that is what I like about these events. Everybody has fun, the bride looks like a queen, and even if it looks absolutely expensive, in the end the money spent is very little.