So close to the end - and to the beginning

Mixed emotions.
Excitement. Apprehension.
Patience. Impatience.

I can't wait to see him. To touch him. Hold him. Smell him.
What will he look like? What will be his name? Will he resemble one of his brothers?

I don't really want the pregancy to end but I want to hold my baby in my arms so much. I can't believe we're almost there!

I feel it coming, my body is sending signals, more and more contractions...
38 weeks.
Almost there.

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Anonymous said...

40 semaines...je pense que tu es bien occupee, et plus de l'interieur...
je pense a toi, et plus largement a ta famille.
plein de belles choses et de beaux moments, dans l'intensité des émotions.