He is there.
He arrived March 8th at 2:04 am, after 24 hours of labour.
He's healthy al-hamdolillah.

And of course, he is the sweetest, most beautiful baby on earth!


Fruitful Fusion said...

Mabrooook dear sis! Been thinking of you! May Allah make Marwan a sadaqah jaariyah for you and bless him with good health and piety. Do rest up now!

Marylène G. said...

Masha Allah!!! Qu'Allah lui donne la santé et qu'il fasse de lui un être pieux. Que cet enfant émerveille votre foyer. Amine.

Huda Lee said...


Zahrah said...

he is super cute!, congrats my dear. inshallah we get to speak soon.
xx z

Little Gray Pixel said...


Anonymous said...

Congratualations sister to your Marwan, barakallahu laka fil mawhobi laka, wa sharkatal wahiba, wa balagha aschuddahu wa roziqta wa birra. I was born on a March 9th;)