...and a Diaper Clutch

I liked the idea of the diaper pouch as I'm not going to go out with the big diaper bag this time - too cumbersome and not really practical. A couple of diapers and few essential items can easily fit into a pouch that can be thrown in a normal handbag.

As usual I asked myself if I could do it instead of buying it and that's just what I did. Inspired by some of my favorites from Etsy, I improvised and.. voilĂ ! Another item in my polkadot baby set. It's interfaced, closes with a velcro band and has clear sides and a clear zipper pouch inside. Not bad for a first try! And I just saved another $25 ;)!

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.::Tuttie::. said...

That is an amazing idea! I do something similar but less fancy or prettier.