(Re) discovering sewing

Being quickly fed up with Dr. Phil, Cake Boss and other boring TV shows, I tried to find a way to keep myself busy in the last days. Something that doesn't involve too much movement, stress or reflection, as I'm still tired and weak. Walking into my workshop I saw my sewing machine blinking at me. I'm not an expert at sewing, I always improvise and the result is usually very average but I thought I could try to make some baby stuff. Clothing is still too complicated so I decided to make some washcloths and small towels.

I have to say I'm quite happy with the result! I have 15 wipes, 4 burp cloths, 2 bibs and a foldable changing pad. Not too bad for a first project. Let's see what I will do next (still need to keep myself busy...). Not sure if I should give clothing a try. But I definitely liked the time spent with my machine.

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Anonymous said...

mashaAllah, c'est tres reussi, j'avais pense t'en coudre, mais je n'arrive pas a me deplacer au magasin de tissu...
du coup je vais suivre tes travaux pour ne pas te faire des doubles inchaAllah.
contente de (sa)voir que tu t'accroches. allahou Karim.

je t'embrasse

salam wa rahmatullah