Wise words

At the end of September, I wrote a message asking you to pray for my recovery. Today I received a comment about this post and I was so deeply touched by the wisdom of it, I felt I had to share, so everyone could profit.

No, I won't ask for you recovery. I know better than that by now. Whatever God has in mind to accomplish through this illness and pregnancy, He always has something good in mind He wants to happen, and it isn't always perfect health. In fact, in my experience, He can accomplish far greater things through extreme adversity than He ever could through wellness and prosperity. So my prayer is not that you will get well; it's that you will be smart. You didn't say how old you are; chances are if you're pregnant, you are still fairly young. All I can tell you is to wait ten to fifteen years, and all of a sudden, a whole lot of things that people think of as tragedies, will start making a whole lot of sense, and you'll start saying, "Oh! I get it now!"

Thanks for that, Marly.

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