2050 km (1274 miles) later

I'm back home and don't remember the last time I was so happy to be here. I came back sick, tired and deceived and cannot believe it could be so different this year. Last summer was like a dream! I wouldn't say this time was a nightmare (even if I had the weirdest of them nearly every night during my vacations) but it sure wasn't pleasant.

There's good in everything, they say, and I know the good in this is I really appreciate being home and don't feel that urge to 'go away' anymore. It will probably not last forever but for now I'm satisfied with what I have and thank Allah for showing me that the best place to be can be home.

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M arie said...

je viens juste de te lire, eurgh, serai peut-etre le mot le plus appropriƩ !
j'espere que depuis tout est mieux.
Allahou Karim.

je t'embrasse.