Step 2

a shop in Laval!

Emmanuelle Saulnier, AKA Madame Perroquet agreed to display some of my jewelry in her eclectic and colorful shop of Curé-Labelle Boulevard in Ste-Rose.

More jewelry gone, more on the way! I'm seeing my friend Eva-Maude Sunday and she's coming with a car trunk full of sea glass freshly picked on the beaches of Gaspésie... That means I'll have plenty of new pieces to work with. Maybe new ideas too, who knows!


Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Zamzam Design said...

Well, you are invited to establish another kind of contact before I visit your blog... When you meet a stranger on the street, do you start by asking them to go to your place?? Sorry, I had to react somehow!

Maryam said...

mashallah...i really enjoy reading your blog and looking at all the really amazing and beautiful things you make!.