Don't worry!

Don't you like that pure lemon rare sea glass color??

If you've been to my iCraft website lately, you saw only one item. Almost everything I had in stock went to Artistri or was sold to people I know. Victim of my success ;). Reason why my shop is empty. Almost!

I also have some more great news but I'm keeping the secret for now. I need to create in the next days and will be back with the news. Incha'Allah wa taala!

I'm even considering going back to Etsy - well didn't someone said only fools don't change their minds? Oh and you know me (well most of you!), I change my mind constantly. We can say I'm quite... flexible :).

So, mind-boiling, hands-hurting, heart-beating, lips-smiling, I'm going back to my workshop. Got no time to waste!!

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