if I should think about re-opening my Etsy shop, again.

Things are going so well for me these days and I have lots of requests. But Etsy is very demanding too. Taking photos, croping, adjusting and uploading them, creating listings, going to the post office a few times a week... Would it be worth it?

Maybe I could just try to have my 'own' shop, not linked to Etsy or the like...

Comments, suggestions anyone?


Anonymous said...

assalamou aleykoum

sur que je t'encourage dans tes projets. un blog ou site relie a un compte paypal par exemple. A moins que etsy de permette de touvher plus de monde. Mais tu as facebook maintenant pour te servir de vitrine.

Par contre juste comme conseil. si tu fais un premier essai, pens ea prendre des vacances quant l'annee scolaire prend fin pour ne pas te sentir debordee, et garder du temps pour les enfants, sans te sentir d'imperatifs. de meme, pour l'hiver, groupe tes envois par la poste sur une seule journee par semaine par exemple.

Ca fait p^laisir de te voir toute cette energie. allah MAlik alhamd.


Titania yng Nghymru said...

great idea about resuming ur art sales! how about the ebay? its up to u how much stuff u put on it and when... and it seems less hectic than etsy. etsy is very "arty" and the competition is great there. and what about selling ur arts thru ur blog? and then making blinkies/buttons for the blog ppl to grab and spread the word?

Anonymous said...

Yes, please open up shop again!!! I was really sad when you decided to close down on Etsy, as your designs are breathtaking, masha'Allah.

I would say: open up an Etsy shop, AND a separate online shop. Post a few items on Etsy (not everything because you said that's too demanding), so that people can always find you that way. But also have a separate website where you can operate by your own "rules." I think Etsy is good for the exposure though, no?

Of course, that may be bad advice, and may make your work twice as much, so feel free to disregard if that's the case.

treasurefield said...

You should reopen!
Your work is too good not to put it out there. You don't have to "work it" unless you want to. Just add to it when you feel like it.
I do know what you mean, though, about photographing, etc. Ugh!

I've often considered adding Paypal shopping cart to items featured on my blog. I've seen others do it. Couldn't hurt, especially if you have a good readership.

Either way, I hope your success continues, and I hope you continue creating beauty and sharing it with the world. :)

zd said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me, dear readers!!! I'm going to do a pro's and cons list and maybe go with more than one option. Etsy is a bit overwhelming and we easliy get buried under so many other listings, it's not necessarily good exposure. I'll probably try to list a few items to see how it goes.

Will let you know girls!!! And thanks again for your ideas!