May I take your order?

My friend Sophie asked me to paint a set of tea glasses for her. She chose one of the first models of glasses I made. I realized it's been a while since I painted on glass! I have many plain bottles and glasses left so I should do more in the next few weeks. I already have another custom order, a friend of Sophie who also wants a set for her.

I also received 4 requests for sea glass jewelry - 2 rings, one bracelet and a complet kit (ring, bracelet and pendant). That is just great!

May I take your order, too?

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Titania yng Nghymru said...

woohoo! finally! that lovely zamzam glass is back! couldnt wait to see urs! i love coming here to admire ur oriental paintings. ive been planning to make a few of my own inspired by ur, more or less in the same style but i still havent even got myself round to lay my hand on my water based glass paints! so much to paint!

i know what u mean about coming back to painting after a break. its got to do with the confidence, i feel the same, esp if i have to put down the outlines on the glass after not painting a while. you just fall out of practice...

ur jewellery and glass are so lovely so no wonder that people keep asking you to make something for them! i think this is the best feedback on ur art!

oh! may i join the awaiting list too? :D would be delighted to have a sea glass from zamzam design!! :)
let me know if thats ok with u and what would u like for that... we can discuss it in details.
my email: titania.xxx@gmail.com