What about iCraft?

Do you know iCraft.ca? Anyone selling there? If you never heard about it, what is your first impression? I'm considering trying to sell from there. I'm very reluctant to start back with Etsy. I really feel like starting anew. ICraft is Canadian, and doesn't work exactly like Etsy. It seems much more easy and simple. If you want more details, this review by EtsyBitch is nice.

I took loads of photos in the last few days, I'm ready to launch my 'new' shop and I'm very excited. I'm also planning to contact some physical shops where I could sell my sea glass jewelry and pebble magnets.

Will keep you posted!


nourished mama said...

I have no experience with etsy...but the icraft sites looks nice enough although maybe its not as well known therefore less customers?
I love the necklace in the picture....really beautiful..mashallah

Marie said...


je ne connais pas plus ce site. je ne sais pas ce qu'il vaut comme vitrine. as-tu demandees des statistiques de frequentations et autre ?
un site perso, meme un blog, bien reference, peut etre tout aussi porteur peur-etre.
c'est sur que ce demande des recherches ca aussi.

bon courage


Titania yng Nghymru said...

i thought u might want to know about another craft selling website: folksy