Now Open!

photo credit: Tidefan


I'm back with a new shop, and I decided to go with iCraft. Etsy was a real pain for me in the end and I really wanted to make a new beginning. Exposure might not be as good but for now, anyway, my goal is to reach potential clients by myself and to have a place where I can send people who ask me (or my clients) where they can buy Zamzam stuff.

I'd love to hear you about my shop. Everything you feel like saying, just tell me. After all, well, this is not my shop. It's yours.

*If you want to pass the link to your friends, the web adress is : http://icraft.ca/zamzamdesign*


Fruitful Fusion said...

Mabrook on your new shop! You are so talented ma sha Allah and it's looking good. In sha Allah you'll have more on offer soon. :) I'm wondering why you didn't go with Etsy. Do you mind sharing?

Ariss said...

slm alaykum,toutes mes félicitations ukhtie !

ranunculus said...

ive come across ur painted rocks on flickr pics..then i googled for "zamzam design"..happy to find ur blog..i wish u success in ur new shop! salaam..