Health update

Since health is my main concern these days, I feel I have nothing very interesting to write about. So just wanted to let you guys know that after 15 days of treatment, I already feel better. Lighter. Calmer. I have this strange feeling of a clearer mind. I also have another weird sensation, I feel warmth, fire inside, just below the sternum. I think that's the solar plexus spot. Don't know a lot about chakras but that sensation feels very good, anyway.

I don't have that much sugar rushes anymore, and crave good food, more and more. I don't suffer too much when I see people eating pizzas, chips and chocolate in front of me. I'm not hungry like I used to be. I can wait longer between 2 meals without auto-digesting myself and I can eat salad and be satisfied.

I'm very tired but I guess that is a side effect of the detox. Otherwise, I feel great. It gives me the motivation to keep up and the hope of a better life!

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Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah wa Allahou akbar.
je voulais te demander quelques nouvelles, depuis l'Aid, mais je suis un peu emportee par mon quotidien.
je persisite a prendre des nouvelles ici, et je suis heureuse d'en trouver.

qu'Allah ta'ala t'assiste et te facilite ce combat.

salam wa rahmatullah