Clean and minimal

How do you like it? I think that new look really suits this blog.

I'm in a minimalist mood since a couple of weeks and decluttering is my watchword. Everything of no particular and unnecessary use is being donate/discarded/thrown away. Objects, files and all kind of tangible and virtual clutter is either gone or about to. Bare computer desktop. Unsubscription to many emails and newsletter that I never read anyway. Giving away baby stuff, furniture (don't worry I kept the refrigerator and a table!), useless (to me) items.

Have more decluttering work to do but I'm happy now my blog is also done. Fresh and clean. Ah, now you (and I) can breathe!

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Umm said...

“Allah is Beautiful and loves beauty.” [Muslim]. And I LOVE some colour. White is clean... but still. How about some nice design from you? :o)